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Michael Kearse — Assistant Professor/Group Leader

BS with Distinction, Penn State PhD, Lehigh University Postdoc, University of Michigan (NIH F32 Kirschstein NRSA Fellow) Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania (NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award)

Research Interests: ribosomes, regulation of mRNA translation, RNA-based mechanisms of human disease, collaborative science.

Out of Lab Interests: spending time with my wife and our two young kids, (very) dark roast coffee, BIG10 college football, turning things up to 11 (click here for reference).


Kenzie Bevins — Rotating PhD Student

BS, Walsh University Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, The Ohio State University (entered 2019)

“Outside of lab I am a semi-pro pickup basketball player, but decided to keep my day job. I like being outdoors, whether it’s hiking at a park nearby or going on an adventure somewhere new and exciting. To unwind I like to play guitar and draw, and I actually won a cruise with one of my past drawings! I am also very passionate about food (mostly eating it, but sometimes cooking it) and I like to try new coffee shops and breweries around Columbus. A more practical and recent hobby of mine is refinishing furniture for the home I hope to buy within the upcoming year.”


Daisy DiVita — Rotating PhD Student

BS, Northern Kentucky University Ohio State Biochemistry Program, The Ohio State University (entered 2019)

“I absolutely love animals (I currently have a dog named Lola and a cat named Sebastian), coffee, reading, and watching movies.”


Addie and Lincoln

Junior members of the lab that contribute to the entropy of the lab’s staff office during time points that spill over into the weekends.



The newest member of the lab with a bright future. The Cadillac of all plate readers with all the bells and whistles. It does everything for absorbance-, fluorescence-, luminescence-, FRET-, BRET-based assays…except make espresso.


Frac/Frank/The Expensive Big Red Box

Originally hailing from New Brunswick, Canada via the folks at Biocomp, Frac, along with a completely digital and awesome Triax flow cell and perfectly-timed automated fraction collector, is uniquely capable of simultaneous UV absorbance and fluorescence detection. Perfect for ribosome fractionation and polysome profiling. But, unfortunately, Frac also does not make espresso.


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